ME & THE WOOF was created by the inspiration that George (THE Labrador) has for life. George is an old man at 11 years old. Unfortunately, he has a lot of medical problems that made his life challenging.

Here is a list of challenges he has faced 

  • He has been told 3 times he needs to be put down
  • Watched his best friend Rocko drown
  • Major skin issues
  • Growths on his body
  • Heart issues
  • Ear infections
  • Hip problems
  • Hot pads
  • Heartworm
  • 20cm Mass on his spleen
  • Food allergies
  • and many more


Yet with all these problems in his life, He always finds the time to love and cherish Rachel and I with all of his heart. He is one adventurous old man as some of his favourite activites are, hiking, standup paddling boarding, beach runs, truck rides, cafe dates and finding new dog parks. Even as I am writing this he is resting on my lap snoring, sleep barking and probably dreaming about running on the beach. George has inspired us to live our lives as he has which has led us to create ME & THE WOOF. We have combined our love for dogs, George and fitness to create a unique clothing brand that will not only make you look good but our goal is for our customers to connect with other WOOF lovers, start conversations with each other and hopefully lead you to a path of rescuing, adopting, buying, finding or bartering for THE WOOF, and start living a life like a WOOF

From my family to yours, we are excited and humbled to be on this journey. That's why a portion of all our sales will go to benefit local animal shelters. If you would, please take the time to send us an email and tell us a little bit about THE WOOF, their story, your favourite type of fitness and the city you reside.  Tag us with #meandthewoof to be featured on our social to share your story, We want to help others find their WOOF companion just like you, but need your input!  Email us at!

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